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Donata takes a special pleasure when her guests also become her friends. This has very often been the case. The following sample of some of the letters she has received are a testament to the enduring relationships she has helped to form over the last few years.

“Time has passed so quickly since we were in Venice but it is all still fresh in our minds and we will always remember these days with very warm hearts. It was a profound experience with so many different events, a mosaic of wonderful people, culture, food, boats, laughter and all set in this truly amazing city.”

Ragnar, Alexandra and all the other Swedes

Donata you have an amazing gift for opening doors and making extraordinary things happen. We are always introduced by you to other worlds which would otherwise remain unknown. It is a kind of magic that you work and it is utterly life enhancing.

Frances Kemball, United Kingdom

“You have a most wonderful ability to make interesting and pleasureable connections, all combined with a very satisfactory professional content.

Torunn and Kjell Olav Hauge, Norway

“I have been in Venice so many times before ….I forget how often I was there but this visit was an exceptional one I always will remember in a very special way. Thank you so much because the wonderful job you did is not as a matter of course.”

Monica Strasser, Austria

“Thanks a thousand times for the most wonderful afternoon. First the rowing and then the very nice and exciting visit to your mother´s and your home. It really meant so much to us, your kindness and your hospitality.”

Kristina Nicou, Sweden

“We visited such beautiful and interesting Palladian villas , but best of all were the meals we had with some of the owners of the villas which was a privilege not many people have enjoyed. And these entrees were all thanks to you! It has left us with many very happy memories of a truly exceptional trip.

Martin and Amanda Ingram, United Kingdom 

“It was truly lovely to spend the day with, and we hope to meet you on our next visit. The glass factory was one of the most interesting aspects of this trip. I hope to be able to order a light fixture one day. Lunch was to die for in Burano…our favorite meal thus far. The icing on the cake was a beautiful lace tablecloth that will accompany me home to Louisiana.”

Connie and David Madden, USA

“Undoubtely and speaking on behalf of us all momentarily “disguised Venetians”, I would like to express to you no less than our immense gratitude, which of course cannot be reflected by mere words. And although not a surprise to me that our “momento Veneziano” would be as special as you ensured it would be, you really did “make it happen”. Che meraviglia indimenticabile.”

Isabelle Byod con “I finti Veneziani”, United Kingdom

“First of all, thank you for a fantastic arrangement, great memories and nice reception! We all truly enjoyed the taste of Venice and Vicenza and in particular the “family-wise” ambiance under which we got to travel the region.”

Ola Erici, Sweden

So many amazing houses, and so many splendid meals with each host/hostess laying on such excellent dishes and wines. All hugely appreciated. You must have put so much work into making everything work so smoothly and yet you never once seemed anxious or less than your usual lovely self!

Nicholas Barber, United Kingdom

This is just a short note to express our appreciation for your wonderful hospitality last week. Thank you for the lovely dinner at Palazzo Grimani which was a highlight of our visit to Veneto and Venice. It shall remain in our memories for a long time to come.

Wajdi and Caroline Zard, Nigeria

“Thank you for arranging and helping us organize such beautiful evening. My family and dear friends who are museum directors and curators all had a wonderful evening and loved it with much fond memories.

Mingwei Lee, France/USA

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