How we work

A typical itinerary will begin with a conversation by email so that Donata can focus on the needs and interests of the client. Together they will sketch out an itinerary with places to see, events to attend and people to meet. Donata relies on a network of specialists: art critics, artists, historians, writers, garden experts, musicians, winemakers or simply who know the city well.
Her aim is to match you with the person most suited for you, whether it is to take you out in the lagoon for a lunch of fried seafood, accompany you to a private library or art collection, visit a private villa on the mainland or simply meeting up for conversation and an aperitivo at an outside café in a beautiful campo.
Donata is always eager to show you her city in the most interesting light, and that means introducing you to the people who make Venice so unique. In a very real way, she wants her friends to become your friends. 

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